The church has a very active Finance and Property Team


The Finance Team oversees the financial status of the church.  

This includes:

  1. Collections and Donations

  2. Tracking pledges, donations, and all other income

  3. Recording of all finances using accounting software to enter all income and expenses, to prepare the financial summaries, and to handle all disbursements of funds

  4. Stewardship

  5. Memorials

  6. Investments

  7. Capital Campaigns

  8. Fund raisers

The Property Team has the responsibility of overseeing all church property.  

This includes:


  1. The Parsonage

  2. Facility maintenance and repair, including both the exterior and interior needs

  3. Inventorying the property and making recommendations for action as needed

  4. Approval of facility rentals and managing the use of the facility

  5. Security

  6. Property Tax

  7. Insurance

  8. Work Parties

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