Covenantal Agreement - July 2014

The following is a covenantal agreement between Westchester United Methodist Church’s Staff-Parish Relations Committee and Rev. Keith Uesugi-Hwang.

As we enter this agreement, we acknowledge that we are all ministers and each of us is called to serve God and God’s people through words and deeds that promote Christian values.

We also acknowledge that life circumstances, church activities and community responses to issues may impact our current understanding. When we reach times or places where our Covenant seems to no longer fit our circumstances or address our true needs, we agree to come back to the point of conversation to rework our covenant with the same spirit that brought us to this initial work and ministry.

We realize that God calls each of us to serve at different levels and at different seasons, we agree to affirm that which glorifies God and abhor that which detracts from the mission of Westchester United Methodist Church.


Tuesday through Friday 9 am – Noon and 1 pm - 2 pm with lunch from noon – 1 pm.(Except on the days of evening meeting, the office hours will be 1 pm – 5 pm)


Please schedule appointments in advance. Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang will make his weekly calendar of open times available each Friday for the following week. Please make every effort to limit walk-in visits.


Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang is available to be called during non-office hours for emergency situations.


Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang prefers to receive calls prior to 9pm. Any calls after 9pm, must be limited to emergency phone calls. If your call is a life-threatening situation, please contact local law enforcement or an ambulance first. He prefers texting since it is much more reliable.


Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang does not answer his phone unless it is an incoming call from an immediate family member. All calls are directed to voicemail and Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang typically returns urgent calls immediately and all other calls are responded to in appropriate ways. Always leave your call-back number.


Not Applicable.


Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang will notify the SPRC Chair of planned absences with at least 7-day notice. In the case of vacation time that includes Sunday absence, a 14 day notice will be provided.

Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang will secure pulpit supply in cases of his absence. Funds for pulpit supply will be provided out of the Pulpit Supply budget line item. Should that fund be exhausted, the remuneration for such supply will be provided by Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang, unless Church/Administrative Council approves the additional funds in advance of the need.

Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang is allotted four weeks of vacation and one week of study leave per year. All unused vacation days per appointment year is rolled over to the next year, up to but not more than two weeks, and paid out at end of appointment at Westchester United Methodist Church. Vacation days are tracked using the employee time off request form.


After a period of learning and adjustment Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang can only be expected to attend meetings when the agenda is presented to him in advance and upon request by the chair. In cases when he is not in attendance, the Chair will ensure that Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang receives a copy of the minutes and will highlight any issues or questions that requires the Pastor’s input or response within 3 days of the meeting, unless otherwise predetermined by the Pastor and Chair.


Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang and Church Council Chairperson Laura Adams acknowledge that the church has a currently updated Safe Sanctuary Policy in place by initialing below:


Things important to this congregational life are:

• Development of healing spiritual formation programs.

• Development of programs for children and youth.

• Development of effective invitational programs, especially through successful utilization of online tools.

Things important to the pastor include:

• Spaces for new programs.

• Adherence to the rules and policies of the United Methodist Church.

• Additional resources for revitalization.

We realize that every aspect of our collective ministry cannot be detailed in this document. However, this is our best attempt to ensure that we are working collaboratively in discovery and fulfillment of the mission of Westchester United Methodist Church.

Pastor Keith Uesugi-Hwang

SRPC Chair Carrie Butze

Church Council Chair Laura Adams