Thank You From Rev. Frank Schaefer

The UMC Judicial Council review of the Rev. Schaefer case has concluded. The Council will now deliberate and review other LGBTQ decisions privately. We expect decisions to be announced Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Follow #MinistryOnTrial for the latest.

Thank You from Rev. Frank Schaefer –

“This has been a long and difficult journey for me and my family. I am grateful to the Judicial Council for considering the facts and the law in this case, and confident that they will agree with the Appeals Committee which found in June that my defrocking violated the Council’s precedents.

I am grateful to my counsel, Scott Campbell, who has so eloquently demonstrated how law and compassion are not incompatible. Above all I am grateful to people all over the country – including so many in the United Methodist Church – who have been faithful to the call to love and who have sustained me throughout this ordeal.

Whatever happens in my case, this movement of love that has embraced me will continue until that day when our church finally stops discriminating against God’s LGBTQ children.”


Rev. Frank Schaefer 10/22/14 following the Judicial Council hearing