HRC – Coming Home for the Holidays

Human Rights Campaign Religion & Faith News December 16, 2014

Going home for the holidays can be a difficult time for LGBT people, particularly for those of us who grew up in faith traditions that did not accept or support our identities.

Our vision in the HRC Religion and Faith Program is a world in which no one is ever forced to choose between who they are, whom they love and what they believe. But that vision has yet to be realized. And the family churches and communities of faith to which many of us will be returning this holiday season are are often the very places that have at some point forced us to make those devastating and cruel choices.

There is hope. LGBT people of faith are making spaces for themselves in churches, synagogues and mosques worldwide. We are coming home and having conversations we once would have thought impossible, but that doesn’t mean these conversations are easy.

As you head home for the holidays this year, check out our guide, Coming Home to Faith, to Spirit, to Self, which offers ideas for establishing and owning a faith identity, sharing your gifts, taking stock of your faith community, encouraging inclusion, and coming home or finding a new one.