Sharing – “Everyone in this world is Human”

A member of the LGBT community shares his experience and perspective of intolerance-

Not everyone in this world is Christian, not everyone in this world is Muslim, not everyone in this world is Jewish, not everyone in this world is Buddhist, not everyone in this world is Gay. Everyone in this world is Human. Let’s be human towards each other. I don’t believe in a God to rule them all. I’ve let it go in the past though, I want the respect that everyone deserves…and…it is not your job to make other people believe in your beliefs. It’s your job to respect. To those who have hurt me by your unsupportive actions and lack of will to truly understand who I really am as a member of the LGBT community, I forgive you and may you see the light of lesser burden as well.

-Jeremy May 4, 2015 Excerpt from Facebook post

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