Film – “An Act of Love” tells the story of Rev. Frank Schaefer

“An Act Of Love” will premiere Friday, Oct. 9 at the Mill Valley Film Festival

Like many other Christian denominations around the world, the United Methodist Church is at a crossroads. The debate over same-sex marriage has reached a point where it threatens to irreparably divide the Church.

An Act of Love tells the story of an unwitting advocate in the fight for equal rights within the Church, Rev. Frank Schaefer, who had his ministerial credentials revoked in December 2013 after officiating his son’s same-sex wedding.

Will Rev. Schaefer’s trial be the final breaking point for the Church? Or will his story be the final chapter in the long struggle for LGBTQ equality within the UMC?

An Act of Love follows Frank and his family, from the initial trial though his final Judicial Council hearing, as they join the struggle to change the Church from within to allow for greater acceptance of its LGBTQ members and clergy.

After the premiere, the film producers plan to make the film available to churches and communities. For more information: