Sharing – An Era to Era Grin

March 31, 2016


By: Mike Cookman
Reconciling Ministry
April 2016 Westchester UMC Messenger article


So I was watching NCIS the other night and the episode dealt with a homeless woman with a brain tumor mistaking Tony’s father for her father who had disowned her many years before for being a lesbian. At the end of the episode, when the woman is dying, Tony’s dad is at her bedside – she still thinks it’s her dad – and he apologizes for disowning her those many years before. He says that it was a different time and people thought differently.

A couple of months ago the Anglican Church censured the American Episcopal Church for sanctioning gay marriages. A number of writers posited that the reason for this censure was that so many different faiths are competing for followers in third world countries — where being gay is not an acceptable lifestyle — and appearing accepting of a gay lifestyle would put the Anglican Church at a disadvantage. In winning souls. Pray that this was not the reason for the censure.

Because if it is, it’s another indication that this is not a different time and people don’t feel differently. And there are far too many reminders that acceptance does not come easily. Each of us was raised differently and in different times and with different mores. But if Jesus did not differentiate between his followers — and seemed to accept all manner of people as worthy of his love — shouldn’t we? Christ’s blessing on us all.





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