25 MAY 2016 Viewpoint – Love, no restrictions listed

May 26, 2016


By: Mike Cookman
Westchester UMC
May 25, 2016


I crave balance, why no East Covina? Why no East or South Hollywood? And
weird juxtaposition. Like Peace & Justice Sunday shortly after the United
Methodist denomination decided to ‘study’ whether LGBTQ’s deserve either
peace or justice. There was fear of schism. There was fear of how people
outside the United States (of America, not either Mexico or Brazil) might


Methodists have split before, one split being 170 years ago over just as
pernicious an issue, slavery. Splitting on the wrong side of the issue. And
causing Americans of African descent to either form unique denominations or
join the African Methodist Episcopal denomination.


A denomination that United Methodist leadership yearns to have back in the United Methodist fold.


Is the LGBTQ issue really an issue? How come, after we discard as outmoded, the vast quantity of laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy we still say the anti-LGBTQ law is sacrosanct? The most common taboo found in most societies is the prohibition against mother-son sex. Aside from this taboo, many societies don’t much care whom people sleep with. Why do so many denominations still cling to the LGBTQ bugaboo? Don’t know, not sure I care to know.

What I do know is the Bible says Jesus determined love is the greatest
commandment. Love, no restrictions listed. Treat your neighbor as you would
like to be treated, no restrictions listed. Why are these pronouncements so
hard to accept and follow?


So I pose the question, is schism on the correct side of an issue a bad thing?
Some folks either dropped their membership, or left our congregation
altogether, over this issue–on either side of this issue. Some folks may be
seriously considering dropping their membership after this latest pronounce-
ment. I won’t. I won’t because meaningful change comes from the inside, not
the outside.


And people have to be reminded that not all Methodists hold such un-Christ-like views. I realize that some of us are uncomfortable with this
subject and some of us possibly remain unconvinced that our congregation
took the proper step in becoming a reconciling congregation, but isn’t it great
being on the right side of an issue? Christ’s blessings on us all….

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