Policy for Submitting Requests for Distribution of Funds

June 1, 2016


Policy for Submitting Requests for Distribution of Funds


Finance Committee

Westchester United Methodist Church

8065 Emerson Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90045


1. For reimbursements, a fully completed “Check Request” form, including appropriate authorizing signatures must be submitted to the treasurer.

a. Original receipts are to be attached to all reimbursement requests. When it is not possible, a copy of receipts will be accepted with a written explanation for submitting a copy instead of the original receipts.

b. If the purchase was made from an online merchant, attach a printout of the email confirmation of the order.

c. Receipts must show the name and the address of the merchant and the date of the purchase. If the merchant does not print this information, the information must be written on the receipt.

d. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase. If this is not feasible, an approval for a late submission needs to be obtained before the 60-day time limit expires.

e. If there are multiple receipts for multiple purposes, one check request for each purpose is to be submitted although a single reimbursement check may be issued.


2. Vendor invoices will be processed as they are received and are to be documented with a check request form with appropriate approvals. One request per vendor per check request form.


3. Only fully completed “Check Request” forms will be processed. The following information is required before a check request will be processed:

a. Date of the check request

b. The amount being requested

c. Payable to:

d. Brief description of the purpose for the funds.

e. Indicate if the expense is a budgeted item or to be applied to Designated Fund or a Memorial fund. Be specific in you description, preferably using the account number to which the item is to be charged.

f. Authorizing signatures:

i. Check requestor

ii. Supervisor of the check requestor or appropriate chair of the Committee

iii. Approval for Staff expenditures needs to include the signature of the chair of the SPRC.


4. An amount in the excess of $500 must also be approved by the Finance Committee to ensure that funds are available. The approval must be obtained prior to making the expenditure. Such a request should be submitted to the Finance Committee with appropriate approvals and it is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to assess the availability of funds.


5. Checks written from the WUMC Bank of America checking account for less than $1000 require a single authorized signature. Checks equal to or greater than $1000 require two (2) authorized signatures.


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