Worship June 30, 2019

Hymn Sing Sunday

June 30, 2019

Liturgist: TBD

Accompanist: TBD


Light to the Altar

Call to Worship

Leader: We gather as a community of faith in God’s subversive world. People: We gather to celebrate that no darkness can extinguish light.

Leader: We gather to remember that love will always be more powerful than death. People: We gather to trust that peace will always be stronger than violence.

Leader: We gather as a people of faith in the light of God’s world. All: Let us worship with songs and praises.

Opening Song - selected by Marta and Barbara

Welcome and Announcement - Barbara Bierman

Hymn Sing

Community Prayer - Marta Lear

God of mystery and of judgment, who has made us to be salt and light in a tasteless, shadowed world, guide us in this time of worship. You grant us the blessing of singing praises and songs to you. May you always be the focus of our attention and love and your truth be the guiding light for all we do. Move us to serve you in the ways you call us. We pray in the name of Jesus who taught to pray, saying...

The Lord's Prayer

Call to Offering - Marta Lear

We give to remind ourselves how many gifts we have to offer. We give to remember that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We give because we believe in music and sacred space. We give with the faith that, together, we have enough. Let us give to the Lord with a glad and joyful heart.

Offertory: UMH #94

Prayer of Dedication - Barbara Bierman

God, whose giving knows no ending, we offer up the treasure that you have entrusted to us; we offer up the skills and time that you have graciously given to us; we offer up ourselves in service and praise. Receive these gifts by your grace. Multiply and use them through the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish Christ’s work of love in the world. Amen.

Closing Song - selected by Marta and Barbara

Unison Benediction

Now, let us go forth from this place with renewed inspiration to do the work of God. Let us seek good, not evil, love goodness, and establish justice. Let us remember that this the greatest offering we can make; letting justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream. Let us go in peace and let us express love for our neighbors. Amen.