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From the Archives – “In this approaching Easter season…”

Author: Erica Cookman Spring, 2013

In this approaching Easter season, it is paramount that we recall Christ’s promise to us, “I will not abandon you as orphans—I will come to you.” (John 14:18 New Living Translation 2007)

Abandonment is a strong word. It is cold and unfeeling. It evokes an overwhelming sense of despair and sorrow. To abandon someone is to leave them, helpless and vulnerable. This causes irreparable hurt, and makes the implication that said person is of little to no value to the world. The psyche conjures images of a stray, unwanted and unloved, left carelessly in an alleyway or vacant lot. By casting aside the LGBTQ community and disregarding their religious rights, we are effectively abandoning our companions in Christ.

Merriam Webster defines reconciling as the act of harmonizing. To reconcile, is to become cognizant of the needs of another person. It is our time, as a church, to reconcile.


About the author: Erica was a senior in high school when she wrote this piece for the WUMC newsletter.

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