Wedding at Westchester UMC

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In the United Methodist Church, the service of Christian marriage is not a sacrament.  

It is a sacred worship service where a vow of life-long love and care is shared with each other, with family and friends, in the presence of God. 
Westchester UMC has been a sacred home for family and friends since 1956.  
It was built on a lovely tree-lined street 
in a quiet neighborhood.    
Most couples are drawn to Westchester UMC because of the striking Sanctuary 
with a wide center aisle and the rich full sound of the organ.  

The dramatic stained-glass windows, 
loaded with colorful symbolism, add to the ambiance. 

We hope you will celebrate this special day  at Westchester United Methodist Church

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Types of Weddings at the Westchester United Methodist Church

The Sanctuary with its wide center aisle and 22 pews on each side of the center aisle offers seating for up to 400 people.  

The rich full sound of the organ fills the sanctuary with beautiful sounds of music. 

The updated sound system allows people to hear from every corner of the sanctuary. 

The dramatic stained-glass windows, loaded with colorful symbolism, add to the ambiance of the service.
The Chapel offers a more intimate venue. 


This Spanish style chapel is lined with stained glass panels which create

beautiful light patterns in the room. 

Piano and recorded music offer a beautiful accompaniment to the service. 
The Chapel can seat up to 50 people and is perfect for smaller weddings.

Our pastor and Wedding Hostess would be happy to work with you to plan a meaningful celebration and officiate your special event.